Debra Keithly

Photographer Kansas City

My love of travel has sparked my interest in documenting the world through the lens of my camera.

Debra was born in the Midwest and graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.A., majoring in Philosophy.

Debra’s interest in photography began at an early age when her parents gifted her with a Polaroid camera. From that first creative spark, Debra has continued to explore and experiment using the camera as her artist’s brush.

Examples of Debra’s work exemplify her unique perspective on the world.

Artist Statement

Like many an artist before me, I still remember with fondness and a sense of wonder the moment when I first became aware of photography, discovering the immense power and raw emotion that a single photograph could evoke.

My passion for photography grew out of this sense of wonder and the joy of experimenting with those Instamatics and Polaroids of my youth.

For my art, I combine my love of traveling the world with my passion for photography. Whether I am hiking in the desert southwest, rafting through the Grand Canyon, trekking through Africa or exploring the nature and wonder of the Amazon, my goal as an artist is to present and represent the world around me in my own unique perspective before the wonder that is our world disappears.



Group, Continuing and Professional Development Student Works, Kansas City Art Institute North Campus - Kansas City, MO



3rd Place Flint Hill's Photo Contest, Crick Camera Shop


Kansas City Art Institute

Certificate in Photography

Certification is offered through the School of Continuing and Professional Development at the Kansas City Art Institute

University of Kansas

BA in Philosophy